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On rare occurrences, you meet someone who you instantly connect with. Souls that fit. Souls that click. Souls that understand each other. Souls that just — belong. An unspoken bond through the ups and downs of life — you are each other's leveled ground. You bring light to each other's darkened skies and a shoulder when in need. The fire that ignites one another to rise and the water that softens each other's falls. You balance each other out — the greatest dynamic duo this world has ever seen. You see, there’s more than just one type of soulmate in the world. Sometimes a soulmate is found in the friend who knows your heart better than anyone. The one who can read through your silences yet still has the right words to say. The one who laughs with you, cries with you and is always there. Thank you for being the calm to my wild. The sun to my moon. We are infinitely tied under the same sky, shining differently yet made of the same fire. Two halves of a whole. Two sides of the same soul. An unquestionable presence. Inexplicably connected. The forever to my always. The yin to my yang. My soul friend.

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